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My name is Lauren Messemer – I am a consultant, recruiter, educator, and small business owner,
all of which started from an acting career!

In 2020, I graduated Magna Cum Laude from Texas Christian University with a BFA in Acting. During my undergraduate years, I performed in a large array of productions on stage, on the screen, as well as in voice-overs – all of which can be found on my “Acting” page. While at TCU I also spent time as a teaching assistant for “Voice and Speech” classes, which provided me with an excellent foundation for teaching English!


Upon graduation, I obtained my Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) certificate to become a consultant for iTutorGroup, which is the largest international English language learning platform for children and adults. As a consultant for iTutorGroup, I meet with clients of varying ages and levels of proficiency and assist them in becoming fluent English speakers. For many clients, these lessons enable them to get a promotion, help their children with school work, or attend their dream school.


Shortly after my start at iTutorGroup, I became a recruiter for the company. Additionally, in the Fall of 2020, I was asked to be a promotional representative for the company and collaborate with our marketing department to create a video for the company website – that video can be seen here, as well as on my “iTutorGroup” page. In addition to working at iTutorGroup, I am also a facilitator at Mastery Prep – a company providing SAT/ACT Test prep to underfunded school systems with a special focus on supporting students who struggle with attaining a “college-ready” test score. This work is especially meaningful, as oftentimes the students we teach cite Mastery Prep as “the reason I believe I can even go to college now”.

When I am not working at iTutorGroup or MasteryPrep, I enjoy working on my small business on Etsy, “Messy Made Marvelous”. This was born out of my passion for graphic design, (if you couldn’t tell from my website!) and wanting to create products for people that allow them to stay organized while providing a fun aesthetic! It is always very important to me to pursue work that is both meaningful and that brings joy! As I look to the future, I plan to continue my pursuit of doing work that has a meaningful impact, as well as pursue the joy I have found in entrepreneurship & marketing by applying to an MBA program.